ULOC Program

ULOC Program

Clients are screened with a comprehensive assessment which provides insight into their mental, physical and sociological state prior to acceptance into our program. While enrolled in ULOC program within the first 72 hours intake and orientation are done on rules and regulations. We then address all social needs( such as health insurance, food stamps, and bus passes), assess clients’ personal needs, put a case plan together followed by a plan of action.

This is then followed with a 45 day follow up and a 90 day reevaluation and graduation which is held annually in January. We offer 72 sessions of supportive groups, a 12 step program, and group outings, volunteer feeding the community once a week, job training and budgeting. We are client advocates for those who have current court issues, and/or on probation/ parole and those trying to get reinstated with their children.

ULOC Transitional program refers all Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient, and Partial Hospital Program clients to our community partners with care provided at facilities in the Tampa Bay area which provides the rehabilitation care needed for each individual. Clients are allowed to stay in our transitional housing while getting the treatment they need along with our 72 supportive group sessions for their 90 assessment period.

Individual Case Management

We offer traditional one on one case management sessions to clients who struggle with substance use and proper decision making, planning and follow through, suggest corrective methods as a solution to their problems, provide coping skills and put a unique plan together that will help determine a successful outcome.

Supportive Educational Groups

Our supportive educational classes provide services for substance abuse and addiction to help clients recover. During our supportive group sessions, participants learn how to build trust and how to improve their relationships with others. Group sessions allow clients to encourage one another in their sobriety, and to help make sense of their current situation. Our groups cover the components required for coping skills, decision making, maintaining their sobriety, housing, budgeting, spirituality, anger management, and provides recovery life skills.

Our group facilitators have extensive years of knowledge dealing with recovery, relapse prevention, and transitioning back to a functional life.

For more information about our ULOC Program, call our center at 813-489-4500 today.

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