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by Brenda on ULOC Center

Pastor Brown took me in off the streets when no one else would and got me off drugs. I have been clean for 3 years now thanks to her and the ULOC program. I still reside in her housing and am a part of the ULOC program due to the fact that I know all of my tools and resources are here to help me maintain my clean living lifestyle and Ms. Brown is still there for me through the hardest of times. I am determined, because of this woman, to stay clean and sober. She is a Pastor as well as a friend to me. We have church meetings every Sunday and group twice a week insuring I am never lonely. We attend parties and get together s with Pastor Brown and her other houses giving me a sense that someone is always there for me if I need them. I would just like to thank Ms. Samantha Brown personally for always being there for me, never looking down on me and never once giving up on me, for making me stronger today than I was when I arrived on her doorstep needing help.

by Lynda on ULOC Center

I was addicted to drugs for 20 plus years. My first experience with ULOC and Pastor Samantha Brown was back in 2013 when I was released from jail. Within 90 days I was employed and moved into my own apartment. I did very well until 2015 where I relapsed for a short time. I reached out to Pastor Samantha Brown and she showed the compassion and understanding to help me again. I have been here 90 days; I am employed and have remained sober. I’m going to church and support groups as well. I am on my way and I would just like to thank Pastor Brown and the ULOC community for believing in me and giving me another chance.

by Connie on ULOC Center

I was living in a transitional house that had women screaming at me to give them money and do more and more for them as their house mother. It became emotionally abusive after a time. We lived without hot water, dishes, TV or anything and still paid full amounts for rent when I came upon Pastor Brown. She opened her closed home so I and 3 other girls could come here to have some semblance of living and home. She made me house monitor for a time at that home before moving me to monitor her other property. She has been very kind and understanding. She never asks for more than I am capable of giving and never in a derogatory way. She has brought me back to God and given me a new understanding on praise as well as self worth. She has made me feel at home in her housing. I want to thank Ms Brown for everything she has done for me and continues to do to this day.

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