Transitional Housing Program

Transitional Housing Program

Transitional housing is a safe link for those transitioning back into society.

ULOC’s transitional housing is faith based and helps women from all walks of life. We offer a structured program that is safe, clean and provides case management, client advocacy, community referrals, life skills, job coaching, 12 step meetings, cognitive thinking, support groups, a curfew, drug testing on-site, and church.

ULOC Transitional Housing Program is a 90-day minimum stay that’s required for individuals who are transitioning from substance abuse treatment, prison, jail, and homeless women and their children. After the initial 90 days, your stay can range between 6 months up to one year.

Our primary goal is to stop revolving prison doors due to drug activity crimes and to prevent relapse from occurring by dealing with root cause issues that started the addiction through early childhood trauma. Weather by domestic violence or homelessness we want to put a stop to addiction by helping our clients focus on recovery as a new way of life. Aftercare is available for clients who are transitioning out of the program. Clients can continue to attend group sessions, engage in experiential programs, and access ULOC supportive services.

ULOC Center offers many transitional living homes throughout the greater Tampa Bay area. These homes are set up exclusively for women recovering from substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and life recovery. ULOC’s intention is to provide the highest quality of living at affordable rates for those serious about recovery in all areas.

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