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Samantha Brown – Our Founder

Founder-SamanthaBrownSamantha Brown is a 21 year recovering addict saved by the precious grace of God. After 5 years of addiction and imprisonment she is now a well-known leader of the community and operates ULOC Corporate office, 6 transitional houses and is senior pastor of The Place-FWDC, and has hosted 14 annual Unique Ladies of Character conferences. She has an associate’s degree in addictions counseling and is currently furthering her education with a bachelor’s degree in Christian and Addictions Psychology. She is highly requested at the faith based prison in Brooksville and she mentors for ladies in drug treatment facilities across Florida. Weather in church, prison, group, or the streets, Ms. Brown is a beacon of light and her messages are life, hope and inspiration for those who come in contact with her.

She takes a personal interest in each and every lady that comes across her door step. She strives to help as many people as possible every day. Her message is heard not only here locally in Tampa, but is spread across Georgia as well. Knowing just how cruel life can be to people, she strives to make things easier as they get their lives back on track.

Because of her rough transition into society, Ms. Brown is determined to help those who struggle with every day issues. She has set up a network of referring professionals to assist people with needs that her program does not cover. She puts everything she has physically, financially and emotionally into her program and her church. She has set up a food bank to assist with food needs. She sets up donations for hygiene and clothing needs as best as possible. She is a very selfless and loving woman who simply wants to give back to society in every way she can. She is so very loved by everyone whose life she has touched.

She has a wonderful mother and father as well as 3 beautiful children in Georgia. She has 4 grandchildren that she dotes on endlessly and who all love her very much. Each and every woman currently in, and many who have long since graduated her program, celebrate her as if she were their mother as that is how she treats them.

At the end of the day she is just a simple God loving woman who wants to help everyone she can.


Samantha Brown

Samantha Brown
Founder & CEO, ULOC Tampa

You Are Not Alone. We Are Here For You.

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